This map was made in Early Edo period.

Wakayama Hanshu Tokugawake Bosho (Graveyard for the Tokugawa family, feudal lords of the domain of kishu (Wakayama))

The graveyard is 3.4 hectares in total land area and has 28tombs. This graveyard was founded under the will of TokugawaYorinobu(1602-1671), the eighth son of Tokugawa Ieyasu(1542-1616) and the founder of the Tokugawa family in the feudal domain of Wakayama (then known as Kishu). The tombs of all the feudal lords of the domain of Kishu can be found in this gravayard except those of Tokugawa Yoshimune (fifth feudal lord) and Tokugawa Yoshitomi (thirteenth feudal lord) who wereeach given the title of Shogun.